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We are now crowd funding on Indiegogo!

After many months of preparation we are finally ready to release everything! Check out our brand new indiegogo crowd funding campaign at If you have any suggestions for improvements, or have requests, then send them in and we will […]

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  • MiniWear

We have updated our Website and Social Media!

We are also proud to announce that MiniWear will be crowd funding on over the next couple of months, and will be releasing further information about our modules and cases! So sign up to our newsletter and social media to [...]
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  • MiniWear Prototypes Teaser

Prototypes Teaser

Just to give you a sneaky peek, here is our secret MiniWear prototypes box with a few hints at what we are making.

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Welcome to MiniWear!

Welcome to MiniWear! We have some pretty cool miniature & wearable modules coming soon, so make sure you sign up to our subscription list to be kept up-to-date!

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